You can call him Missile!

People call me Paper and I've written a Robot Jones/Giygas fanfic before!
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One of my best friends is named Devon and I mention her at times. Or she calls me farto, which is not true. Anyway, I like a ton of different stuff, so enjoy!

(If you want to see my good friend's good art that has been submitted to me, then check out Bromaldoart)

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Played around with Gouache and drew all of my favourite megas so far in ORAS. 

scanner ruined some things cries. 


favorite boss!



Valais blacknosed sheep. Although the earliest mention of it dates back to 1400, this large, docile mountain sheep was first recognised as a separate breed in 1962. It has adapted particularly well to life in the high Swizz mountains and grazes even on the steepest, stoniest slopes. The black patches on its nose, eyes, ears, knees, hocks and feet and otherwise light woolly coats make it quite unmistakeable.

You ARE! You’re scared of LITTLE WOOLY BAA-LAMBS!

Bromance: On mondays, we ride a bike to school

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An inside sort of day. Probably reading up on Smash tactics:)


Satan laughing spreads his wings.




a recent commission. Anime Club in Ginyu Force stance, minus the fat tiny red dude.



Jesus christ kojima

"impossible and not recommended"