People call me Paper and I've written a Robot Jones/Giygas fanfic before!
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One of my best friends is named Devon (who is currently nanabound on tumblr) and I mention her at times. Or she calls me a lesbian lover, which is not true.

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(If you want to see my good friend's good art that has been submitted to me, then check out Bromaldoart)

I like things such as Pokemon (especially Mystery Dungeon), Paper Mario, Ace Attorney, Fire Emblem, Madoka Magica, Community, Homestuck, and being friendly. Also bunnies. And much much more!

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Anonymous asked ...
who's the cutie fe blonde lady who got promoted? (does that really happen in game)
... and I answered

Hehe, it’s Amelia from FE8 (Sacred Stones)! Those three are the recruit-class kids, you get to choose what base class they turn into at level 10! Amelia can be a Cavalier or a Knight, I think? GIANT PINK ARMOR

(the others are ross and ewan)

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